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Revitalize Your Health in 7 Days: The Ultimate Detox Program with 14 Days of Continuous Support

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Our 14 Day Detox Program

🧘🏻‍♀️The Ultimate Detox Program🧘🏻‍♀️

By Coach Shweta Luthra

Do You find yourself starting health programs with enthusiasm,
only to lose momentum after a few days❓

Have you struggled with symptoms like👇

High Fasting Sugar Levels

Skin Issues

Difficulty Losing Weight


Digestive Problems

Mood Swings

and more.......

This program is perfect for you if you....

Have experienced inconsistency in following health regimes, leading to unresolved health issues like insulin resistance, contributing to symptoms like high fasting sugar levels, skin tags, and difficulty in losing weight.

Seek a structured, yet flexible program that fits into your busy life while addressing specific health concerns like lethargy after meals, acne outbreaks, hair thinning, joint pain, and more.

Feel overwhelmed by the variety of health advice available, causing confusion and a lack of clear direction in your wellness journey.

Are determined to overcome health obstacles like belly fat, headaches, brain fog, digestive issues, and mood disorders through a guided, supportive approach.

Desire to adopt a healthier lifestyle to combat conditions such as PCOD, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, and more, with a community that understands and supports your journey.

Looking for guidance on balancing stress and healthy eating to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and correct irregular eating habits, with a program offering tailored emotional and nutritional support.

Our Detox Program's Approach

Our carefully crafted program directly confronts insulin resistance, the underlying factor behind many lifestyle diseases. Through a combination of a low-carb diet, structured fasting, and daily activities, we offer a transformative experience that detoxifies your body and revitalizes your health.

Stage 1
Introduction And Integration
Ease into the program with guidance and support for incorporating new habits
Stage 2
Deepening Understanding
& Commitment
Deepen your understanding of insulin resistance management, focusing on strict adherence and the impact of lifestyle choices.
Stage 3
The Game-Changer Phase
Highlight and implement a key strategy to significantly lower insulin resistance, transforming your health journey.
Stage 4
14-Day Handholding
Transition smoothly into daily life post-detox, focusing on maintaining new health habits for 21 days.

🌟 Program Benefits 🌟

Consistent Handholding

Why most health programs don’t work is because you lack consistency. After the 7-day detox program, we give an additional 14-day handholding support to help incorporate your learnings into your lifestyle.

Get Rid Of Insulin Resistance

We work on a lot of toxic symptoms such as Skin Tags, Difficulty in Losing Weight, Lethargy after Meals, Acne/Out Breaks, Hair Fall/Hair Thinning, Pain in Joints, Belly Fat, Headaches, Brain Fog, Constipation, Bloating after Meals, Food/Sugar Cravings, Allergies, Heart BurnMood Swings, Anxiety, Anger, Frequent illness, and so MUCH MORE!

Personalized Assessment

Start with our toxicity and health quiz to tailor your detox journey.


Share daily logs of your food intake and step count to stay on track.

Daily Support

Benefit from educational videos, health tips, and our team’s direct assistance.

Exclusive Resources

Access custom meal plans, delicious recipes, and a comprehensive food guide.

Why This Matters? 🤫

Why Choose US? 🤔

Directly Tackles Insulin Resistance

Our program is specially designed to address the root cause of most lifestyle diseases—insulin resistance.By focusing on this key factor, participants see significant improvements in health markers related to diabetes, obesity, PCOD, and more.

Immediate And Visible Results

Participants can expect to see and feel noticeable results within just 7 days. From weight loss and reduced bloating to increased energy levels and improved digestion, the benefits are both immediate and impactful.

Comprehensive Support System

Unlike many detox programs that leave you to navigate the process alone, our program includes 14 additional days of support. This handholding ensures you can successfully integrate what you’ve learned into your lifestyle for lasting change.

Addresses Common Toxic Symptoms

We provide tailored support to help manage and alleviate common Toxic symptoms such as gas, bloating, constipation, and sugar cravings. This makes the detox process more comfortable and sustainable.

Led By Expert Guidance

Shweta Luthra, a renowned health expert, guides participants through every step of the program. Her expertise ensures that the detox plan is both safe and effective, providing participants with professional insights and personalized advice.

Cost-Effective Health Investment

Priced at just ₹199, the program offers incredible value. Participants receive a comprehensive detox plan, 28 days of support, educational resources, meal plans, and more, making it a smart investment in long-term health.

What do you Get in this Program?

Expert Guidance

Deep Body Detox

Tackle insulin resistance

Visible Results

Handholding support

Video tutorials

Toxicity Score Assessment

Custom meal plans & delicious recipes

“Ready for a Health Revolution?”

This program is more than a detox; it’s an investment in a new, healthier you, guided by Shweta Luthra and supported by a like-minded community.

🌟 Ready To Reclaim Your Health?🌟

This is more than a detox; it's a life-altering experience at an unbeatable price of ₹199.

With daily educational support, personalized meal plans, and a community cheering you on, you’re not just investing in a program; you’re investing in a new you.

7-Day Detox Program


Poor physical health- Difficulty losing weight, lethargy, digestive problems, mood swings, etc

Poor mental health- brain fog, mood disorders, anxiety, etc

Skin and hair problems- breakouts, acne, hair fall, hair thinning, dull skin

Confused about a proper fitness program

Low self-esteem

Lack of motivation and push to stay consistent


Improved physical health- better gut health, regulated mood, weight loss, etc

Improved mental health- calmness, good mood, clarity of mind, etc

Better skin and hair

An expert-led program that brings visible results

Improved self-esteem

Handholding support by our team keeps you consistent.

Meet Your Mentor

Shweta Luthra

Shweta Luthra, a certified health coach from the Health Coach Institute, USA, and a functional nutrition counselor, is revolutionizing the health industry with her holistic approach to tackling lifestyle diseases. 

With specialized expertise in diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and a deep commitment to a drug-free philosophy, Shweta’s methods go beyond traditional coaching. Her own health journey inspired over a decade of research and learning from the world’s top health experts, making her a living testament to the power of a balanced lifestyle.

Leading a community of health aspirants, Shweta empowers individuals to transform their lives by focusing on mind, body, and environmental harmony. Her unique coaching covers all aspects of health, making sustainable well-being accessible to everyone. 

Join her mission to embrace a healthier lifestyle through mindfulness, nutrition, and positive habit formation.

Thereafter, ABC started to guide & consult students who are about to make their career choices with a proven technique that helps the child to identify their ideal career & make a well-informed decision.

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