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Join A Community

At speed turtle you can be part of a community or create your own Community. Communities help you to Create Habits, complete tasks and fulfill Your dreams. By using the decleration, Reward & Pain, gamification and support structure to Drive consistent Action.

Create Habits

Yes, that's one behaviour that creates structures in itself, and most of the daily activities we do are automatic, and without us knowing. So that's a great structure to have. WE support members to do tasks for 21-66 days exactly in the same order, with a context so as to make it a subconscious effort or habit. Even to train our minds to wake up at 5:00 am daily for 60 days, we need structures.

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Laser Focused Game Rooms

Many people fail, because they are Doing things with Willpower, which Does not Last, as will power is limited, and very hard to sustain over long periods of time. But what happens if you are, playing a game. Do you ever Feel you need motivation or stress busting.In Speed Turtle, we take things Slow, and Stage wise, and we make sure you don't start doing things over night.

Get Followups

Imagine someone committed to your Success. He / She will stand for you " No Matter What " & they will use all means to make sure you achieve your Goals.This dedicated Trained Motivator will be like your Mother, Coach. Assistant, Danda whatever they need to be, to make you move... LOL!!!!They will always be around like Sharks & commited to your Success.

Set Your life Goals

We encourage you to choose one target for a year, and then some of your monthly targets will have to be aligned and in sync with your laser focus targets and your Monthly milestones.

A Real life Gaming Platform

Help People form Habits and put them in Action. Help them Deal with their failures. Learn to Listen. Get Exposure with Different type of people. Create Friends for Life. Get Recognition & Acknowledgment.

  • Action Structures

    Access World Class Structures to Be in Action,

  • Stop Fighting Alone

    Support & get Supported by Your Community.

  • Exposure unlimited

    Get things Done faster, by learning about new ways of achieving Goals.

  • Have Fun

    Use Gamification, Motivational structure to get energized and Motivated.

  • Bucket List & Life-Goals

    Start Exploring your long term things & Goals to do.

  • Mentor & Support

    Others who might need your support.

  • Barrier Breakers

    explore new areas of Your Being.

  • Karma Exchange

    A place to Barter Good Deeds.

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The Turtle Community
lost 15 kgs and 5 inches from the waist , by just gym and eating habits
Abhay Punjab
I am currently working on my dream project. A movie on peace between India and Pakistan. I have also applied for a visa to Pakistan. I have become avidly involved in playing cricket and tennis as well. Miraculous gave me the ecnednocto do the ,tlucfidto pursue my passion and chase my dreams. ”
Apparel Merchandiser and Health Care Entrepreneur
Amit Rampal
My Business , My overall Confidence has Increased tremendously. Never before in life have all things been on such a well-balanced plane. It's only after being in Miraculous and following the strict structure sincerely, I experienced the massive change.”
78 Year old man, is doing yoga early in the morning , reading new books, and walking 5 kms

We partner with companies of all sizes, all around the world


Help People form Habits and put them in Action. Help them Deal with their failures. Learn to Listen. Get Exposure with Different type of people. Create Friends for Life. Get Recognition & Acknowledgment.

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Want to become Energetic, Disciplined and Pro-Active


Here people get together to come into action in the areas of Health & Success. We as a community encourage you to take monthly habits and make sure that you make them a part of your lifestyle.

The human brain loves being lazy, and that’s why people need certain structures to be in motion.

No, this is strictly an Action Group where you will be trained to take action. The influence of Motivational Speech lasts for a few hours or a few days at most, but then you are left to fend for them and finally you give up. This makes you blame yourself for not having enough willpower to leave you in self-doubt and destroy faith.

We encourage you to select only one goal for a year, and then all your monthly habits will be synchronized to your goal.