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co-ceo, wholesome international llc

Randhir Sethi

Randhirs Story From Startup to Expansion
Despite Choolaah’s seemingly meteoric rise,Randhir spent more than a decade perfecting the concept. He had a shared vision to create a company that could “transform the quality of life of everyone we touch.” He formed Wholesome International in 2004, initially as franchisees for the ballyhooed Five Guys Burgers & Fries enterprise.
With two mates, Randhir founded Wholesome International in 2004 as franchisees for the much-hyped Five Guys Burgers & Fries chain.

Despite the fact that Five Guys was a big success for them they kept working on an idea for a concept with infinite potential: a quick-service restaurant dedicated to bringing their native country's cuisine to a wider audience in an authentic yet approachable manner. Their first attempt at an Indian-themed food service never made it past the business plan, but by 2011, they thought Choolaah's time had come. They opened their first location in Cleveland, which was quickly called a ``genre-busting eatery`` by Cleveland Scene magazine.

Wholesome International is now a hospitality company based in Pittsburgh, PA with more than 700 employees.