Vikas Bhatia – The Speed Turtle

Vekas Bhatia is a MD of Pranjal Projects a 300 Crore Plus Group since 1992. He holds an engineering degree from Manipal Institute Of Technology and has a strong background in production, finance, and maintenance. Under his guidance, the company has achieved significant growth and success.

As a leader, Vekas Bhatia is known for being self-driven, focused, and result-oriented. He has a visionary approach and motivates his teams to strive for and achieve the highest targets. He is also recognized as a hardcore technocrat, being an early adopter of innovative technologies like robotics and laser systems within his industry.

Overall, Vekas Bhatia is a dynamic and influential leader with a strong track record of success in the company, emphasizing quality, innovation, and empowerment.

Mr. Bhatia is described as a ``hands-on`` management professional with a ``can-do`` and ``will-do`` attitude. He believes in giving his employees a high degree of independence, fostering a culture of empowerment within the organization. This approach can lead to increased innovation and employee engagement.